Is female ejaculation the last taboo? The performance EJACULATION explores the perception and collective experience of female sexuality in the modern world.

In English, the word “ejaculation” reflects two different meanings. There is its contemporary connection with sexual climax, but there is also its original association: a sudden verbal exclamation, an emotional outburst of words, the desire to be heard. Ejaculation combines both meanings in an honest dialogue, presenting an unflinching examination of the mystery of female ejaculation through a diverse tapestry of female voices, based on interviews with women from various backgrounds and countries.

The result is a challenging, inspiring and unfiltered performance, inviting the audience on a quest for a new definition of modern female sexuality, and offering an opportunity to examine the full potential of the female sexual being.

The main language of the performance is English within a mosaic of several languages.



Essi Rossi is a Finnish director. Her next performance Tainaron is going to be premiered at Finland´s National Theatre in August 2018. Her aim is to cross borders in art and society, as well as to focus on the questions of change.

Julia Rosa Peer is an Austrian actress and writer, her last piece Leaving Ziller Valley toured in 3 different languages in 12 countries worldwide. Her latest film work includes the female protagonist in the feature film Zingerle. Her work focuses on the questions of identity in culture, language and gender.

Sarah Kivi is a Finnish-Iranian musician, who currently lives and works in Berlin. Her first solo album Tiny Anthems was released in 2018.


Details about the performance:

Premiere Österreich @ BRUX / Freies Theater Innsbruck
November 30th - December 2nd, 2018

After the premieres in Finland and Austria the production will continue to tour in other countries worldwide.

The painting "Yellow room II”  in the poster is by Sirkku Rosi. Graphic design by Sophie Troppmair.

This performance is supported by

For Austria: Land Tirol, Bundeskanzleramt für Kunst & Kultur, Stadt Innsbruck, TVB Tux, Finnish-German Institute

For Finland: Arts Promotion Centre, Goethe-Institut Finnland

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Freitag 30.11.2018 20:00
Samstag 01.12.2018 20:00
Sonntag 02.12.2018 20:00
Karten für die Vorstellungen von EJACULATION können ab September 2018 hier reserviert werden.